5 reasons for the kids do yoga

The most common yoga in western world is called hatha yoga or physical yoga. In this system, are held positions of flexibility, balance, strength and breathing , relaxation and meditation techniques. This is a personal exercise where each person adapts his practice to his very being, he is responsible for his body and how you feel at that particular moment. Being so particular in the same class we can find very young  with older people. Yoga is adapted to people and not to reverse.

Yoga for children is situated in their world.

At least in the proceeding, many children would be able to perform yoga classes designed for adults, but they would require a degree of maturity and self-knowledge to regulate their own practice. This is the main reason why children yoga is adapted-yoga. Classes are dynamic, fun and imaginative,  the games and the music are used in order to integrate the kids. This type of yoga for children, the adults can do it,  in fact is highly recommended, they  just have to remember their childhood and let go.

Yoga increases self-confidence.

Yoga is not competitive. In the classes, no one is better or worse, you can move and enjoy without prejudice. Each one with his particular way of interpreting every position and with respect for others. The atmosphere is positive and each posture is celebrated. In yoga there is no imperfection.

Children manage to relax.

Although it may seem incredible children relax very well. Because children are more perceptive than adults, they are better integrated into the displays and guided relaxation. In yoga for children, simple language and attractive for them are used. They learn how to relax and thus have a very valuable tool that can use whenever they want.

Children learn concentration techniques.
Yoga focuses on the present moment. All attention is focused, sometimes to maintain a balance, sometimes in the breath, sometimes to imagine a situation … slowly, the ability to concentrate is incorporated into the personality.

Yoga for children allows them to know themselves.

Each yoga posture can surprise you and sometimes makes you question your own limits. With practice these limits can be overcome.

Just remember the day we learned to ride a bike. Just before we didn’t know, and next we got it, it was to capture a moment, and our body absorbed the way to keep balance. Yoga is full of such moments. Let the children enjoy and benefit from this practice.